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Jane in flames

With her unmistakable voice, Jane in flames makes music for the heart. “Music is my passion,” explains the young Swiss artist. “I want to touch you with my melodies and lyrics and, through them, show you how beautiful life is and how good it feels when you follow your heart.” As you watch Jane in flames perform with her natural radiance and warm, ready smile, you are drawn into her world. It is a world which lets you believe that by engaging heart and soul, you can move mountains.


The 21-year-old has been writing songs since 2016, when she played her first chords on a borrowed guitar. Today, she regularly casts her spell with new Pop and Indie Folk tracks. The actual launch of her life as a musician was her Matura thesis at the Liceo Artistico, for which she not only wrote and recorded her debut album “Rawlines”, but also recorded her first music video “Walking in the darkness” together with Gian Maria Finger. After several concerts, Jane realized she wanted to make music for the rest of her life. “What is most important to me is that my songs are and remain honest and direct. They may open spaces, inspire, touch, encourage reflection and, above all, demonstrate that something positive remains to be discovered in everything.”


Alongside her university studies, Jane is currently working on new songs and spending time in various recording studios. The buzz surrounding the young Swiss artist is definitely not letting up. With heart and soul, diligence and hard work, Jane will continue to pursue her dream of making a name for herself in the music business.



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